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Slaves Videos and Hardcore Bondage
Hartwood Correctional Farm: Katy Kiraly, Kati Pearl, Donna Bell

[Image: 092621cb37118291bf4871242f8adde6.jpeg]
[Image: cff7876bb3631acc9314e80796ca11b1.jpeg]
[Image: ffd8835129662691ea051b40fe58bcfb.jpeg]

[Image: 12832622e52c1fe8cc135c72a76d4604.jpeg]

Part 3: Bizarre Video Studios is on the forefront of fetish and fetish a��themed films and Innocents Taken 2 follows in their outstanding tradition. Innocents Taken 2 tells the tale of a correctional farm where tender young delinquent girls must improve their behavior through hard work and strict discipline! These gorgeous European gals need some strict behavior modification in the worst way!

Size: 227.6 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Flogging, Pussy Eating, Outdoors, Gloves, Thirdparty, Fetish, Ball Gag, Clothespins, Bizarre, Discipline, Feet, Collar, Blonde, Femdom, Straight, Chains, Nipple Clamps, High Heels, Male Handler, Vibrator
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:20:46

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: bizarrevideo 42103 Hartwood Correctional Farm Katy Kiraly, Kati
Mind Fucked: Lana Violet, Tommy Pistol - Lana Violet,Tommy Pistol

[Image: 4050250516c67d8f125355b559ac66c9.jpeg]
[Image: c05aec3390b7fb8d1324dbab457f299b.jpeg]
[Image: 02ca16bc8218af275c6891968ca15a18.jpeg]

[Image: 4437667a69a4163488ced62f3ea84dbf.jpeg]

Asian pornstar Lana Violet is a dirty whore, eager to suck and satisfy any dick thrown her way. This little Caged cock slut's insatiable sexual appetite is apparent in this sloppy hardcore sex scene.

Size: 311 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Deepthroat, Throat Fuck, Vaginal Penetration, Facial, Blowjob, Thirdparty, Spanking, Asian, Cage, Rough Sex, Male Handler, Breast Abuse, Straight
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:28:22

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: devianthardcore 42019 Mind Fucked Lana Violet, Tommy Pistol
Kendra Cole Worship's Marina Angel's Strapon Dildo - Kendra Cole

[Image: 179d6ac1b5bb70daf0241972513acdb0.jpeg]
[Image: 17dfd1112a23b5f4e8341ca383bb9dc1.jpeg]
[Image: 91a0cd569464534fcbf0014198322e02.jpeg]

[Image: e08d9a3f36fccabaa97fdfd8ccc944b5.jpeg]

Guess who graduated to a Mistress, someone who has confessed her love for hot lesbian domination: the cute and sexy Marina Angel. Her devilish giggle will keep you rock hard, start to finish. She's brought in a young curious hot girl, Kendra Cole, who is craving hardcore sex. This young babe will get what she wants: rough sex, bondage, spanking, tit slapping, face smacks with plenty of sex toys. Marina tosses Kendra around into different positions, shoving her strapon dildo deep down her throat, fucking her doggy style, on her back, pulling her on her rubber cock for a cowgirl ride, pounding her fast and hard. She even slips in her fist, gaping Kendra quickly. Marina continues and makes Kendra worship her rubber dick with more deepthroat BJs and deep penetration.

Size: 247.9 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Rough Sex, Corset, Slapping, Lezdom, Deepthroat, Domination, Face Sitting, Strap On, Vibrator, Pussy Eating, Gaping, Dungeon, Femdom, Vaginal Penetration, Blindfold, Thirdparty, Fingering, Spanking, Bondage, Lesbian
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:22:36

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: straponsquad 42254 Kendra Cole Worships Marina Angels Strapon
Marina Angel is Dominated by Riley Ray's Strapon Dildo

[Image: 103fb262a856ebd2bfdd351e86a62bba.jpeg]
[Image: 5ec141ec3668e7d2c5e713ce898c36c4.jpeg]
[Image: 3abd2f8c2f662b6e4eca20f1f3c84124.jpeg]

[Image: 41e4b4ae524be6af8bab872a50c27f2c.jpeg]

Our BDSM dungeon has been busier than ever. Some of the hottest lesbian Mistresses bring their sex slaves over for some lezdom fun, like the sexy yet mean Riley Ray. She brought us all a treat when she left Marina Angel, one hot and kinky barely legal vixen, bound on the floor. Her wrists were linked to her leather collar and had a tight chain around her hips. Mistress Riley walks in after leaving her sex kitten unattended for awhile. Riley comes off sweet, yet slaps Marina's pretty face to prove she's not all cookies and cream, dropping loads of spit into Marina's mouth and onto her face. She introduces Marina to her long and fat strapon dildo, making Marina worship it between cock slaps. Marina is a good girl and treats Riley's massive rubber dick the way she instructs. Marina takes it deep down her throat, practically skull fucked versus giving a blowjob. Riley loves watching her strapon disappear in Marina's mouth. We all want to see it open her pussy up. Riley takes care of it. She gets Marina on the couch and teases her pussy with a high speed vibrator, making Marina flinch and beg to cum. You know the rule around here. All subs need to ask for permission to orgasm. She spanks her as well, enough to leave a few hand prints. Riley also makes Marina eat out her asshole, teaching her how to properly rim a worthy Mistress like herself. Now for some deep rough fucking. Riley lubes Marina's pussy up, slaps on her big gag ball over Marina's mouth and sinks every inch of her strapon deep inside Marina's pussy. Once Riley starts, she can't stop. She pounds Marina's pussy in deep, balls to clit, doggy and missionary, using the chain around Marina's waist to pull her back hard and fast. This is lesbian domination and bondage at it's finest.

Size: 359.2 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Breast Abuse, Chains, Dildo, Fingering, Thirdparty, Domination, Bondage, Collar, Femdom, Gag, Vibrator, Gloves, Straight, Leather, Lesbian, Dungeon, Deepthroat, Spanking, Fishnets, Strap On
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:32:46

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: straponsquad 42105 Marina Angel is Dominated by Riley Rays Strapon
Pussy Power! Dirty Dollbaby

[Image: 70014bccc2fe634b47d547c9b5742610.jpeg]
[Image: 6ad3be9bfedcc444d1f4a77dc31db521.jpeg]
[Image: 8d5d7f759335f516d407de23a2f8b98f.jpeg]

[Image: 55471b74bf97adb8c30461925b99f010.jpeg]

Size: 277.1 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Straight, Dildo, Feet, Rimming, Crop, Latex, Spanking, Boot Worship, Pussy Eating, High Heels, Thirdparty, Blonde, Lesbian, Fetish
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:25:17

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: bleufilms 40940 Pussy Power! Dirty Dollbaby and Miss O
Aiden Dominates Sara The Little Whore - Aiden Starr,Sara Luvv

[Image: 4ca5552b7a250486203be9043f4bf3fa.jpeg]
[Image: c15b0d9fce95b2eea4b5c236ab38b069.jpeg]
[Image: 470413dc492abcfbdfdc6cb932a678ec.jpeg]

[Image: a8ff083a6245a6cd343311b04d3d9dc5.jpeg]

Sara Luvv takes her punishment from Aiden Starr and submits to the sexual proclivities of their lesbian master affair.

Size: 309.8 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Flogging, Vibrator, Suspension, Dildo, Fishnets, Lingerie, Whipping, Master, Bdsm, Hand Gagging, Deepthroat, Breast Abuse, Medical Fetish, Domination, Ball Gag, Choking, Pussy Eating, Brunette, High Heels, Big Tits
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:28:15

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: digitalsin 42603 Aiden Dominates Sara The Little Whore
MILF Gets Ass Fucked in Tight Bondage - Derrick Pierce,Holly Heart

[Image: f2a931628a8863ea0f976701a72f5b82.jpeg]
[Image: 074096452586af277d2168c124ec984e.jpeg]
[Image: 5b875d76531f2cde1b3cead9eadab710.jpeg]

[Image: 599ba34e9816995c1692e7cf5aa23cff.jpeg]

Hot, blonde, big tit MILF, Holly, has dreamed of fucking Derrick Pierce. We're not sure that she planned on getting fucked hard in her ass while suffering in tight bondage. Her dreams may be coming true, but this whore pays the ultimate price to see it through.

Size: 651.1 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Vaginal Penetration, Submission, Milf, Straight, Corporal Punishment, Blowjob, Domination, Rope Bondage, Anal, Humiliation, Blonde, Bondage, Bdsm, Rough Sex, Role Play
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:59:24

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: fuckedandbound 34691 MILF Gets Ass Fucked in Tight Bondage
Alby Rydes Endures Lesbian Domination & Sybian with Esmi Lee - Alby Rydes

[Image: 18e05493869469400d0689cd198a9789.jpeg]
[Image: 5686cd492c96b79830b6502ad6ffd5b9.jpeg]
[Image: b737d3e007852d9ba7f3ebf10f52abe1.jpeg]

[Image: 1e73640a09a834c59d306c1d025bbb79.jpeg]

Fetish Network presents another great session with one of our favorite porn sluts: the sexy and horny Alby Rydes. She is back in the studio for more lesbian domination. Mistress Esmi Lee put a request for her and is finally getting her prize. Mistress wants to warm Alby up with constant orgasms and leads her to a sybian fucking machine after getting her pussy eaten by her new slave. A quick taste. Rydes will be bound with tight rope for a deepthroat blowjob. Esmi brought a special big black strapon dildo for Alby. Both models are amazing at having hardcore BDSM fun with rope bondage, rough sex, spanking, slapping tits, biting nipples, smacking, flogging, deep penetration, constant orgasms and more sex toys. The chemistry and attraction between Esmi and Alby is so fucking hot!

Size: 317.2 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Slapping, Fetish, Chains, Rough Sex, Rope Bondage, Leather Cuffs, Electricity, Ball Gag, Rimming, Slave, Spanking, Collar, Tattoo, Strap On, Blowjob, Lezdom, Lesbian, Deepthroat, Gaping, Hitachi
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:28:56

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: straponsquad 41853 Alby Rydes Endures Lesbian Domination &amp
Mind Fucked: Abella Danger, John Strong - Abella Danger,John Strong

[Image: 5baa466c4575dae831c58a34eeb1578a.jpeg]
[Image: def9c114903313d7a8dfbba9d74e05d1.jpeg]
[Image: 85655aed871af7c202cbe63b54b6afe9.jpeg]

[Image: 6080841d28b4bf0bfa35276c63f62287.jpeg]

Big ass Latina Abella Danger is in for the night of her life. Her beautiful body is bound to a chair, blindfolded and ball gagged waiting for her master to play with her. He starts by slapping her natural tits, shaved pussy, and beautiful face to warm it up before throat fucking her like a silly slut. Spitting on her face helps lube up tight Latina pussy to receive his hard cock; this slut deserves no condom. Watch Abella Danger get choked and fucked until she's dick drunk in this hardcore bondage scene with a great closeup facial cumshot.

Size: 344.4 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Facial, Bondage, Blowjob, Straight, Abella Danger, Nylons And Stockings, Rough Sex, Hair Pulling, Breast Abuse, Slapping, Master, Thirdparty, Ball Gag, Choking, Deepthroat, Throat Fuck, Big Ass, Vaginal Penetration, Hand Gagging, Blindfold
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:31:25

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: devianthardcore 41762
Busty Chanel Preston destroyed by bondage & rough sex. - Chanel Preston,Jack Hammer,Maestro

[Image: af92870880fbfdd0083baf7bd28b14fe.jpeg]
[Image: 9ab0caa0b067b6efe9c6a38df937db94.jpeg]
[Image: 25e6d62090b731c92bb59775331f9bbf.jpeg]

[Image: d0f90e7248e6aa7bdf9db46c2c18b4cb.jpeg]

Bound and bent over, Chanel is shackled down onto a custom made wooden bondage device that puts her at the perfect height for fucking. Both mouth and pussy are wide open and ripe for the plucking. We step up and make her a sex sandwich. The two cocks tag team her down as the strict metal shackles hold her firmly in place. In the next scene, the chest harness perfectly displays Chanela��s big breasts and the bondage keeps her hands glued to her hips. Now all we have to do is make full use of both ends of our bound pet. We proceed to do just that. Chanel is ragdoll fucked from every angle and position, the bondage holding her firmly in place the whole time. Ten inches of BBC pour down her wide open mouth as her eyes bulge. The epic throat fucking leaves her gasping. Moving into our handy fuck table, we toss Chanel onto and take the pussy as well, spit roasting our bound porn star. The cock rips might orgasms out of her greedy pussy, but it isn't enough and we throw in a vibrator just to seal the deal. Finally, there is nothing quite like a sybian. It is the world's most powerful vibrator and rumbles like a jet plane. The magic it does to pussies is undeniable. We create some magic with Chanel Preston, her big tits, bondage and two hard cocks.

Size: 223.4 MB | Resolution: 960x540
Genre: Big Tits, Brunette, Interracial, Threesome, Choking, Multiple Orgasms, Vaginal Penetration, Domination, Throat Fuck, Breast Bondage, Kinky, Black, Sybian, Thirdparty, Rough Sex, Straight, Tag Team, Destruction, Harness, Curvy
Extension: mp4 | Duration: 00:20:23

[Image: 603_8.gif]
[RG] Download: sexuallybroken 42737 Busty Chanel Preston destroyed by bondage

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